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  2012 BDC Amateur Flushing Dog of the Year



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Bear is an English Labrador Retriever out of Hume Hill Kennels in Silver Springs, New York. Bear was whelped 11/5/2008 and is owned and trained by Ted and Michelle Ryan.

Bear comes from a long line of award winning Show and Field Trial labs and is a very intelligent dog with a gentle demeanor. Some would call Bear a soft dog that would wash out under trial conditions or harsh/aggressive training conditions. Those that have seen Bear in a tournament setting would argue that, on the tournament stage, Bear is anything but soft. Bear covers a field with the best of them and those that watch are usually pleasantly surprised at how quick Bear finds his birds.

Ted and Michelle with the advice of Jim Beverly "Retriever Trainer" of Oakfield, New York, have transformed this "soft" dog into a hunting machine. Hours of consistency, patience, positive reinforcement, and force free techniques are the ingredients that have made Bear a force on the tournament hunting scene.

Bear entered the tournament scene in March of 2010 and has yet to look back. In March of this year, Ted and Michelle will travel to the BDC Nationals in Kansas not only to compete, but they will receive Bear's latest accomplishment, the 2012 BDC Amateur Flushing Dog of the Year award. While competing for this award, Bear accumulated 21 tournament wins along with numerous placements. To say that Bear had a great year would be an understatement.

  When Bear is not at a tournament, he can be found at the chukar pen counting birds, sleeping in the camper, or spotting ducks from the blind.

NYBDS is proud to claim Bear as one of our NYBDS dogs!

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