Jack is a six year old Springer Spaniel out of Pheasant Hollow in Bloomfield, New York owned by Phil and Cathy Walsh. Jack is a litter mate Of Kerry, Phil and Cathy's other Springer. Cathy adopted Jack in may of 2011 when he was 41/2 years old. Jack had not hunted up to this point in his life, but he figured it out pretty quickly. After just two weeks of training, Cathy entered Jack in his first NYBDS tournament in May of 2011. Jack took to tournament hunting like a flea to a dog and placed 5th in that first event.

 Jack was out of commission for a couplemonths with a medical problem that left him with nerve damage to the right side of his tongue. The medical issue could not stop Jack from returning to the tournament scene. Just a few months later in November, Jack traveled to New Jersey and took 1st and 2nd in the Amateur Flushing division at the New Jersey Gun Dog Championships at Bent Creek Upland Hunting Preserve by beating nine other dogs. The very next month, Jack placed 2nd in his first ever BDC Super Major, the 2011 BDC Players Championship in the Ladies division.

 Jack had an amazing first year of tournament hunting, the highlight was Jack being one of the featured dogs in episode 7 of The Patternmaster BDC World Championships that was televised on the Sportsman Channel and MAV TV! Jack can be seen in the introduction to all seven episodes!

Jack is a true joy to his family, and has become a wonderful house dog and loving companion. Jack has a whole new lease on life and everything is new and wonderful to him. Jack learned to swim on a trip to Canada and in the past year has proven himself to be a very good wild pheasant and woodcock hunter. A long nose, enthusiasm, and his quartering ability are second to none. Jack has learned blind retrieves and has mastered the remote sit command. Cathy says Jack has a heart of gold and on his and Kerry's return to tournament hunting in 2013, "Look Out"!

While enjoying tournament hunting you get to meet a lot of special dogs, few have a story to tell like Jack's. Take the time and ask Cathy to tell you his story. Though a tear may form in your eye, a better story will seldom be told. Welcome back "Jack" and "Kerry"!