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2010 and 2011 BDC Amateur Flushing Dog of the Year


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​Kerry is a Springer Spaniel out of Pheasant Hollow in Bloomfield, New York and is owned by Phil and Kathy Walsh of Nunda, New York. Kerry  lives to hunt and as a puppy, she was a joy to train, picking up commands in one session and retaining them for the next time in the field. It soon became evident that Kerry had far greater talents than just a "Sunday stroll hunter", she was fast and possessed a great nose, rarely out running it. Kerry successfully completed the first leg of the AKC Spaniel hunt test as a senior competitor.

Phil and Kathy decided they wanted a little more, a competition that would encompass the whole hunting experience. In 2009 Kerry burst onto the tournament hunting scene by taking first place in the first ever BDC event held in New York State. The hook was set!!

In the mean time Kerry continued to be a great house dog, if you offered a face she would gladly lick it and expect a belly rub in return. Kerry always enjoyed a cozy night on the couch with the rest of the family (Jack and the two Scotties), but her mind is never far from her first love......bird hunting!

 Kerry began competing in more local events and soon started traveling out of state in search of more competition. Hunting from New York and New Jersey to Iowa, Kerry started stacking up wins and top 5 finishes as an amateur flusher wherever she went. Kerry has the honor of being the only dog ever to be crowned BDC's Amateur Dog of the Year twice. To add to her accomplishments, Kerry has also won the "Top Gun Flushing Dog of the Year" in both New York and Pennsylvania.

  Kerry was sidelined for the 2012 tournament season with a torn CCL in one of  her left legs and has been through 6 months of rehab and has enjoyed the extra attention but would probably trade it all for more days a field. NYBDS has dearly missed Kerry and is looking forward to her return for the 2013 season.  Kerry is looking forward to returning to the podium and her exceptional hunting form.


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