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What is Tournament Hunting?

Hunting dog trials have been around for centuries here and abroad. The key difference between trials and tournament hunting is that the dog and handler are scored not judged. Our tournaments promote dog work while taking out some of the arguable situations to make the overall event more enjoyable and beneficial to the competitor without compromising standard dog obedience.


Tournament hunting puts a whole new spin on trials and competitions. The stage at a tournament event is a group of fields consisting of approximately 10 to 20 acres with cover knee to waist deep, the participants are you and your dog. If you are partial to pointing breeds or flushing breeds, tournament hunting has events designed to suit your taste!


There are many different organizations that hold tournaments across the country, but each organization uses the basic format of tournament hunting. Pointing dogs are required to search a field for a set number of planted birds, point the birds for a set amount of time, and retrieve to hand once the hunter has shot the bird. The flushing dogs are required to search a field for a set number of planted birds, flush the birds with in gun range of the hunter and retrieve to hand once the hunter has shot the bird.

Whether you hunt over a pointer or a flusher, you will need to cover the field and harvest your birds efficiently because each run is timed and penalties are issued for flash pointing, extra shots, running, partial retrieves, and other tournament specific rules.


Tournaments can consist of classes such as: Puppy, Amateur, Top Gun (Open), Ladies, and Doubles, with each organization having a different variation of each. Most events are sanctioned by organizations such as "National Bird Dog Challenge", "United Field Trialers Association", "National Upland Classic", and "Pheasant Hunters Unlimited". These sanctioning clubs have similar rules with variations to suit their events. Scroll down this page and check out the links to the sites mentioned and view different rules and regulations that these clubs have adopted over the years.

By joining one of our Regional Bird Dog Series or joining one or more of these organizations, you can accumulate points for you and your dog throughout the year and qualify for Invitational, National and World Championship Tournaments throughout the country.


Each club that you become a member of will keep track of the points you accumulate and post your totals on their website. It's time to give "Tournament Hunting" a try and experience the thrill of competition with your dog.

​                                  Meet great people!!

Enjoy a day in the field

              with your best friend!!

Become a proud


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